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Our Practice Nurses can advise patients on recommended travel vaccinations and medications tailored to the individual’s circumstances including the planned destination/s, duration of travel, type of travel experience and medical history.

We recommend that patients book an initial travel consultation ideally six to eight weeks prior to travel (especially if a varied destination backpacking experience is planned). This allows vaccinations to be ordered and administered. Most need to be given at least two weeks prior to travel to be fully effective and some involve a course of several injections over a period of four weeks.

Not all vaccinations are funded by the NHS:

● Hepatitis A – no charge
● Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio – no charge
● Typhoid – no charge
● Hepatitis B – £37 per vaccination
● Meningitis – £30 (£45 including certificate)

Patients may require preventative medication for malaria and our Practice Nurses can advise on the appropriate treatment. For additional advice regarding malaria, vaccinations and travel advice, please see the NHS information “Before You Travel”.

And for those travelling within Europe, the EU has provided information for travellers including how to apply for a free EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which offers access to reduced costs for medical treatment. Please see “Travel in the EU”.