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Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre

The Trafford Co-ordination Centre (TCC) is an NHS service for patients registered with a Trafford GP which works in partnership with health and social care organisations across Trafford to ensure people can get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Delivering a streamlined referral process that aims to get people to their first appointment at the hospital with all relevant tests and information in place, the TCC is a central point of contact co-ordinating the health and social care for people with multiple needs. The ethos of the service is to equip people to manage their healthcare, keep them comfortable at home and offer non-medical options where appropriate.

The Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group has produced a Fair Processing Notice informing patients how Trafford CCG processes and shares information patients for the Trafford Co-ordination Centre (TCC). For more details please see the Fair Processing Notice.

For further information please visit the Trafford Co-ordination Centre website​.