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Trafford Musculoskeletal (Physiotherapy) Services

We provide treatment for adults (over 18 years) with musculoskeletal (muscles, joints and bones) and orthopaedic conditions or injuries as well as chronic pain. This includes:

● Muscle and ligament conditions e.g. tennis/golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury
● Low back and neck pain
● Long term conditions e.g. osteoarthritis
● General joint pain
● Sports injuries e.g. ankle sprains, ligament injuries
● Pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions
● Post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation

Treatment may include :

● Back/neck rehabilitation
● Class/group exercise sessions
● Gym rehabilitation
● Electrotherapy
● Acupuncture
● Pilates
● Manual techniques
● Steroid injection therapy
● Further investigation
● Splints and insoles
● Pain management programme
● Psychological support

Suggested exercises and further information on MSK pain can be found here.