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Antenatal Clinic

Patients can access the community midwife antenatal clinics on Thursdays at Timperley Health Centre. Appointments with the midwife can be booked with the Community Midwife Team on: 0161 291 2942 / 0161 291 2996.

Asthma Clinic

Providing reviews, development of a management plan tailored to patients’ personal needs, plus advice and information regarding devices and treatments.

Baby Clinic

All new born babies are offered an examination at six weeks old, including measurements of weight, length and head circumference. The doctor will also take the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns with the baby’s family.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Adults are recommended to have a routine check every three to five years, but some may need more frequent checks e.g. patients with diabetes or kidney problems etc.​

Blood Test/ Phlebotomy Clinics

All blood tests are by appointment only. Patients can make an appointment for the Phlebotomy Clinic by telephoning the booking hotline on 0161 934 8361. The booking team will offer patients a choice of appointment at one of the clinics listed here.

​There is no change to Children Phlebotomy Services. Patients under the age of 16 years will be referred by their GP to the Phlebotomy Clinic at the Children Resource Centre at Trafford General Hospital, Davyhulme. Children Phlebotomy clinics are held Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm by appointment only.​

Cervical Smears

All women over the age of 25 are eligible for a smear test to check for any abnormalities indicative of cervical cancer. Routine smears are advisable every three years for those between 25 and 49-years-old, and every five years for those aged 50-64. The requirement for cervical smears ceases at age 65. If you are eligible for a cervical smear and have not automatically received an invitation letter please contact reception.

Contraceptive Services

The Nursing Team can discuss methods of contraception with patients including implants and intrauterine devices (coils) which can be fitted at St Johns. Other methods are available and we also offer emergency contraception (“the morning after pill”). Oral contraceptives can also be discussed with your doctor during a routine appointment.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Clinic

Including an annual review measuring lung function, management of the condition and advice on suitable medication, smoking cessation and exercise.

Diabetes Clinic

Providing a physical examination, annual eye check and a recommended biannual blood test to monitor glucose levels, cholesterol, thyroid, kidney and liver function.

ECG Service

St Johns has on-site electrocardiogram (ECG) facilities which record the electrical activity of the heart. The procedure is carried out on the advice of the doctor or nurse and the patient will be contacted regarding any advice or treatment required.

Gynaecology Clinic

The practice offers a weekly gynaecology clinic with one of our female doctors and a practice nurse who carry out examinations, provide advice and fit coils (IUCDs). The doctor or practice nurse can discuss and arrange the appointment with you.

Heart Disease and Stroke Clinic

Providing a review, regular checks and support including blood tests to check cholesterol, glucose, kidney function and blood pressure checks.

Joint and Soft Tissue Injections

St Johns offers injection treatment for inflammatory conditions of joints, tendons or soft tissue including arthritis and tendonitis which may help reduce pain and improve movement. Your doctor will advise you if an injection is appropriate and will refer you to the appropriate clinician for an opinion and treatment.

Minor Surgery

The practice offers a weekly minor surgery clinic involving removal of various skin lesions. Some lesions and viral warts may be suitable for freezing (cryosurgery) which can be carried out by our Nurse Practitioner or during a routine GP appointment. Please note we are unable to remove lesions for cosmetic reasons.

Stop Smoking Clinics

Offering support to those wishing to stop smoking and discuss suitable options available including nicotine replacements. An NHS prescription can be given to reduce the cost to patients and, in addition, a smoking cessation specialist is available for patients experiencing persistent problems in quitting.