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COVID-19 BOOSTER: we are inviting eligible patients for a COVID-19 booster (which provides longer-term protection against becoming seriously ill with COVID-19) at Altrincham Health & Wellbeing Centre if it’s been at least six months since their second COVID-19 vaccination. Patients are being offered the vaccination in line with official NHS England guidance which prioritises the most vulnerable. Invitations are being sent out in batches starting with those patients who received their second COVID-19 vaccination in January 2021, then February, then March and so forth.  Next booster clinic is on 30 October. Please do not attend unless you have an appointment as you will be turned away. For more information please click here.

FLU VACCINATION: patients are being invited to attend their annual flu vaccination appointment at St Johns Medical Centre. Please do not attend unless you have an appointment as you will be turned away.

Please wait to be invited for your appointment rather than contact the GP practice: we will be in touch as soon as possible.

COVID-19 VACCINATIONS IN SCHOOL FOR AGES 12-15: if your child has missed their COVID-19 vaccination in school, please contact the school nurse not the GP practice. The COVID-19 school vaccination programme is being delivered by school immunisation teams not the GP practice. Click here for further information