St Johns Medical Centre

Specialist Nurse Clinics


Sisters Ann and Janice run our asthma clinics offering an annual review, and to chat about any new treatments and devices which may be suitable. As triggers and symptoms can vary, a management plan tailored to patients’ personal needs and circumstances can be arranged together with advice and treatment to prevent symptoms recurring. Children are offered 6 monthly checks.

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COPD  [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease]

COPD is usually caused by smoking, leading to restricted airflow to the lungs, and can result in emphysema or bronchitis. Sister Ann runs our COPD clinics offering an annual review including measuring lung function, management of the condition and advice on suitable medication. One of the main ways to prevent progression is to stop smoking, and our nursing team is here to help in any way they can.

Patients with COPD can be concerned about exercise but those who do exercise regularly tend to have eased symptoms and a better quality of life. Our team can advise and support patients on starting a gentle regime.



Sister Ann runs our diabetic clinics offering patients an annual review to assist with prevention of potential problems. The review involves a chat about general health, medication and any difficulties patients may be experiencing, along with a physical examination.

A yearly eye check for diabetic related conditions is recommended, as is a biannual blood test to monitor glucose levels and cholesterol, and thyroid, kidney and liver function. A dietician attends the surgery regularly to discuss any dietary matters.

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Heart Disease and Stroke

The practice offers an annual review to patients who have suffered a stroke or have any form of heart disease.  These conditions can sometimes cause anxiety and our nursing team provides support and guidance, together with regular checks to reduce potential problems. Annual blood tests to check on cholesterol, glucose, kidney function etc are recommended, along with a biannual blood pressure check.

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