St Johns Medical Centre

Ancillary Services


Ancillary services are provided by NHS staff who are not directly employed by St Johns Medical Centre, but who work for Trafford Provider Service. Some services are provided here at St Johns e.g. antenatal clinics, but the majority of services are provided either in patients’ homes by District Nurses or in local clinics. Any queries regarding these services should be directed to the relevant staff through Trafford Provider Service.

District Nurses

District Nurses provide nursing care to patients during periods of illness or incapacity in non-hospital settings, usually in their own homes or residential care homes. This may include patients who are housebound, elderly or disabled, those patients recently discharged from hospital or who need palliative care.

District Nurses also offer emotional support to patients and their families and teach basic care-giving skills where needed. They play a very important role in palliative care, liaising with the MacMillan nurse and the St Johns clinical team.

District Nurses: 0300 323 0303

Antenatal Clinic and the Community Midwife

The community midwife carries out weekly clinics for newly pregnant women who will then be referred on to a hospital for scans and other investigations. After 22 weeks most antenatal care is provided at St Johns, with patients initially attending every 4 weeks but coming more often as the pregnancy progresses. The community midwife will visit patients at home after the baby has arrived.

Community Midwives: 0161 291 2942 

Health Visitors

Health visitors are mainly responsible for children under 5, providing support once the baby is born and advising on matters such as feeding, behaviour and general development.

4th Floor, Waterside House, Sale, M33 7ZS: Tel. 0161 912 3071

Specialist Nursing Services

A number of specialist nurses provide care in the community, including the MacMillan Nurses for patients needing palliative care, the Continence Team for bladder and bowel conditions, the community paediatric nurses for children, Diabetic nurses for insulin dependent diabetics and the Heart Failure Nurses. All of these services cane be arranged through your GP.

Counselling and Psychological Services

Many of us experience anxiety, but this can escalate in response to life events such as ill health, bereavement, relationship difficulties or loss of employment, or when caring for a friend or relative with a chronic illness.

The GPs and nursing team at St Johns can provide support to patients through difficult times and can refer where appropriate to local services for specialist advice. Patients can also self refer to the psychological wellbeing service via the following link.

Other External Services

Chiropody [Podiatry] services are available free of charge for patients who are aged under 18 or aged 65 and over. Patients aged 65 and over can self refer using the following form:

Chiropody: The Podiatry Department, Meadway Health Centre, Sale, M33 4PS

Tel. 0300 323 0303


The doctors can advise patients regarding referral to other services as part of the healthcare service available here at St Johns.