St Johns Medical Centre

Additional Medical Services

Minor Surgery [Dr Marsh]

The practice offers a weekly minor surgery clinic involving removal of various skin lesions. Some lesions and viral warts may be suitable for freezing [or cryosurgery] which can be carried out by our Nurse Practitioner or during a routine GP appointment; your GP will be able to advise you on suitable procedures (please note we are  unable to remove lesions for cosmetic reasons only).

Joint & Soft Tissue Injections  [Dr Lord, Dr Earnshaw & Dr Eastwell]

The practice offers injection treatment for inflammatory conditions of joints, tendons or soft tissue including arthritis and tendonitis. These can help reduce pain and improve movement, function and mobility. Your doctor will advise you if an injection may be appropriate and will refer you to Dr Lord, Dr Earnshaw or Dr Eastwell for an opinion and treatment.

Gynaecology Clinic  [Dr Marsh]

The practice offers a weekly gynaecology clinic with one of our female doctors and a practice nurse who carry out examinations, provide advice and fit coils [IUCDs] and contraceptive implants. The doctor or practice nurse can discuss and arrange the appointment with you.

Baby Clinic (6 week checks)  [Dr Pughe]

All new born babies are offered an examination at 6 weeks of age, including measurements of weight, length and head circumference. The Doctor will also take the opportunity to check and chat through any issues or concerns with mum.