St Johns Medical Centre

Private Fees

Some work undertaken by GPs falls outside of the usual NHS services and attracts a private charge which can vary depending upon the level and nature of the work involved; consequently we do not publish a schedule of private fees.

As a general guide, the charge for medical examination work will be between £80 and £120; that for letters and forms for patients or solicitors will range from £15 to £60; other documents such as insurance company reports incur a standard fee payable by the insurer.

If you require any further information, please contact the Patient Services Team who will be happy to assist. All private fees are payable in advance of any work being undertaken, and St Johns has card payment facilities in addition to accepting cash or cheque payment. Cheques should be made payable to ‘St Johns Medical Centre’.

Details of the Practice’s fee’s can also be seen by accessing the link below;

Private Charges 25 May 2018 V1.3


Copies of patient notes can be provided.  Requests must be in writing, and a fee will be charged for copies.  Data may be shared with 3rd parties, in accordance with NHS guidelines.